Dabble Workshop tomorrow!

I’m doing a workshop tomorrow through Dabble.com, check it out! There are 3 spots left!


Google Analytics for Small Business

Class Info

Anyone who’s ever had a website knows how addicting checking your site stats can be. The rush of a spike in traffic, the ping of an incoming comment, the hilarity of the misguided Google searches that land people on your page. And if you have a website, and don’t know what we’re talking about … we need to sit and have a chat.

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for checking in on the audience of your website. And while we all can’t help but obsess sometimes over the daily stats, we want to help you look beyond the numbers game to decode practical uses for all this juicy information.

This Dabble class, perfect for bloggers or small business owners, aims to de-bunk the sophisticated features of Google Analytics. We’ll demonstrate simple, quick ways to upgrade your dashboard, the easiest way to read and digest your stats, and start decoding the nitty gritty of what they mean.

Expect to walk away with a clearer picture of the power of Google Analytics, and with a game plan for how you can digest what you see on your dash into the basis for site improvements and marketing strategies.

What to bring

Laptop, google analytics account. example website

What will be provided

Handouts, e-book


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