Introducing Elizabeth Finlayson – and a brand new workshop!

I’m excited to announce an upcoming workshop I’ll be teaching with Elizabeth Finlayson: “Stop Fighting, Start Analyzing: Data Driven Strategy and Collaboration for Non-Profits”

Elizabeth is a rare and valued combination of left brain and right brain: a veteran fundraising professional with 12 years of experience, Elizabeth Finlayson is a consultant in fundraising strategy and a coach for early career non-profit professionals. Also a trained actor, Elizabeth’s performance background will be an asset in facilitating workshop and training.

“I have a passion for teaching people, and since non-profits are often under-resourced, high-stress environments, I like to help them identify the tools that they need to make the changes that the want in the world as quickly and affordably as possible.”

Our “Stop Fighting, Start Analyzing” workshop will look at the nexus of analytics and creativity. ”Non-profit professionals sometimes struggle with finding new ways to look at problems, because they don’t have the time to think that way,” says Elizabeth. “My hope is that [through this workshop] they can take these new ways of thinking back to their offices.”

We’ll also tackle the “dirty little secret” of interdepartmental conflicts and analytics.

“People come out of analytics projects angry because they are concentrating on technicality and not framework. We’ll be providing a framework for having this strategy discussions in a manageable way.”

Join us for a 4 hour workshop at DeVry University, 225 W. Washington,
on Thursday, October 24.

The Workshop

“Stop Fighting, Start Analyzing: Data Driven Strategy and Collaboration for Non-Profits”

Are analytics project’s your organization’s battleground? Analytics and big data are popular buzzwords in the non-profit sector, but in reality, many data-driven projects leave staff members confused, frustrated,and lacking in confidence. This workshop approaches analytics from a strategist’s standpoint, rather than focusing the mechanics of data, we will teach you how to integrate analytics into your fundraising, marketing and digital projects with confidence and a spirit of cross-departmental collaboration.


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