2014 Ahoy!


It was a pretty good year for me, professionally. I did some writing that I was proud of for NewCity and SunTimes.com, taught some well-received workshops in Google Analytics, The Learned Fangirl had its best year ever, traffic wise. I even taught what I believe was one of the first university classes of its kind in mobile analytics at Northwestern. As for 2014, I don’t have specific resolutions, but I do have some plans and goals that I wanted to share.

I’ll be spending a lot more time and energy on TLF and blogging in general. TLF has always been my passion project, but in recent years writing, blogging (for TLF and elsewhere) and creating a platform for other writers through TLF has become a real goal and mission of mine and in 2013 I resolved to push that more to the forefront of what I do. I’m still looking into ads and revenue models for TLF and I am doing more writing and speaking via TLF, like at Pace University’s Social Media and Social Justice Conference in March 2014, and I am very excited to be presenting at the EMP Pop Conference in Seattle in April 2014.

I plan to do more mobile work. I love my life in Chicago, and still plan to keep a home base here but I have been open and eager to spend time in other cities as well, so I am keeping my options open for work at distributed workplaces and freelance/contract work that allows me to spend time in other cities.

I plan to continue teaching and training about technology tools. I love it, and I want to do more of it. Hopefully through a formal entity like Northwestern but workshops on my own as well. 

If there’s any way that you’d like to connect or collaborate with me please drop me a line at [MY FIRST NAME] AT GMAIL.

Happy New Year!



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