It’s Complicated

This is day 1 of a 30 day blog challenge that I am doing at this blog. It will be a little less promotional than what I usually post here, but hopefully more insightful.

I often call myself a writer in a complicated relationship with the internet, and as I have a 50/50 split these days between writing/content work and analytics work I go back to reevaluating what that means for my career identity.

For anyone who didn’t know me before 2007, the fact that I was not always knee-deep into digital often comes as a surprise. I mention a lot that my work in digital has been largely coincidental, it not accidental. I fell into web content exclusively after a few years of alternating non-profit marketing and a freelance writing/blogging side gig, I fell into social media marketing, not knowing it was going to be a career path, when my job at DePaul changed, and analytics became an extension of my social media work, and i had no intent of making it a focus of my career; i just liked doing it, and people found it valuable.

But I wrote the whole time, and I still write through The Learned Fangirl, though I am currently so focused on the big picture of editing TLF that it’s harder for me to write these days. Last year, I did more writing than I had done in the previous three or four years, and I’m proud of what I’ve done. But the industry is different. In a way my detour into marketing and analytics has prepared me for it; you can’t really be a writer online these days without a cursory knowledge of SEO and analytics. Writing never stopped being my first love, creating copy and content to help get ideas across, to spur conversation is a prime motivator for what I do, I’m no data disciple. I appreciate data but I love the written word, and getting those two to “play nice” is my challenge. 


One response to “It’s Complicated”

  1. The digital world is moving at such a fast past that we definitely have to shift and pivot our careers to survive and thrive. But as you’ve alluded to here, very important to continue doing in some capacity that which we love — in your case writing!

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