I’m teaching again!

I had a whole post prepared about Facebook’s new move to show the names of admins next to their post but then my whole thesis was blown to hell because only admins can see it, not the public. Ah well. Anyway, exciting news for me. It’s not yet in writing yet, but I am teaching my analytics class again at Northwestern in the spring and I am so excited. The class I taught last year was a culmination of a few years worth of teaching workshops and online classes about Google Analytics, social media analytics, etc. Pulling the ideas together into a multi-day course was difficult for me, but ultimately so rewarding.

In-person teaching and training is actually one of my favorite things to do, work-wise, and it’s a good kind of stress trying to keep up with the technology while also articulating enough of the fundamental concepts to students who may not have any background. I really, really, really want to teach a class around the book “Spreadable Media” one day. I’m putting it out there in order to make it real.


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  1. Wow. That’s totally awesome that you’ll be teaching a class at Northwestern. I know you’ll be marvelous! With that, looking forward to reading Spreadable Media. I know you have it within you to make it happen.

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