The NAACP has an app and that seems strange to me

So today I got an e-mail from the NAACP touting their new Image Awards app, and … I don’t get it. I am a big proponent for social TV and I think when it’s done well it is an awesome, interactive experience that makes both viewing and participating online even better, but I don’t quite get the idea behind an app for an awards show. Especially since it’s not an award show like, say the Oscars where there’s a long period of campaign time where armchair film critics enjoy discussing the odds for nominees. What could possibly be in an awards app – for any awards show, I’m not picking on the Image awards – that would motivate people to return and engage with it before and after the event? I think this may be a bigger issue of the limitations of event-focused mobile apps. I could be completely wrong on this: because on the other hand, I do most of my live-tweeting of TV shows on my phone or iPad, so maybe I am short-sided here. Anyway, I’d love to know if anyone else has downloaded this app or something similar.


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