Dear PR/Marketing Companies … from a blogger/colleague

I get a lot of weird, inappropriate pitches for my pop culture blog The Learned Fangirl. I could go on forever about the amount of times I get pitches about real estate, online gambling, and snack foods from e-mails that start with “dear blogger…” As someone who also works professionally in online marketing it’s head-smackingly annoying because it makes people who work in the profession look like they are barely doing their jobs. And considering there are a lot of great opportunities to work with bloggers and create mutually beneficial partnerships, you’d think these companies would take the time to do basic research before sending out a blast e-mail. Many bloggers work or have worked in communications/marketing/journalism so we know the score, and it takes very little time to do basic research to pull together a blogger outreach list. Please don’t waste valuable time and energy on bloggers that aren’t relevant to your brand or aren’t interested in partnerships. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Your client will get the exposure they want, and you will be creating a valuable relationship with a blogger that may lead to even more valuable partnerships down the road.

One response to “Dear PR/Marketing Companies … from a blogger/colleague”

  1. I hear your pain especially with tools like GroupHigh and Inkybee out there for that very purpose…..silly, ridiculous, PR people. 🙂

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