“So … do you still do analytics?”

I’ve been asked a couple of times whether I am still doing analytics work at all because I have been focusing on TLF, freelance writing and social media strategy more. The answer is yes… and no. I am of course still doing workshops and I am doing social media strategy for companies, so of course analytics is baked into that work, but I have eased off a bit in focusing on analytics as a speciality for a couple of reasons, including,

1.) Analytics is moving at lightning speed – too fast for my tastes. Google Analytics has major updates once a month or so and I feel like a new “turnkey analytics solution” is rolled out every other day. Don’t get me started on Facebook analytics, which requires a Ph.D to decipher. As an individual consultant, I am finding my focus on analytics training to be more aligned with my interests.

2.) Analytics is baked into pretty much all of digital work these days. From strategists to content creators, everyone is a part-time web analyst these days, so even with my move back to content/writing work, I find my nose stuck in a Google Analytics dashboard just as often now as I did when analytics was my focus. I’m cool with it. As I have long said, I have always thought of my interest in data as being in aid of creating great content and connecting it to the right audiences. I am happy that content folks are seeing more value in these tools, and I think my interest in helping writers and non-data geeks learn about digital analytics is a pretty fitting focus to have.


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