New Year, Same Me

I decided not to give myself lofty or overly specific goals this year. I have them listed below.


I’ve mentioned before that living with keratoconus means living with a lot of fear about the future. It sucks but I am getting used to it. But I have learned that making too many plans or getting too specific can really lead to disappointment. You sometimes have to take it one day or goal at a time.

I am happy with life though. This year I want to write some awesome stuff (with TLF and elsewhere) and do some volunteering with the kids (maybe do Girls Rock Chicago, finally). I want to travel. (maybe this is the year I will finally make it to Tokyo again) But I feel like maintaining the balance I have is quite enough.

Though it’s not listed here, more than anything I want to create a support system that allows me to do all of the things on my goal list without the fear of my chronic illness ruining it. That can be hard sometimes but the more honest and intentful about making it happen, the closer I seem to get to it.



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