January is alright

12540789_10154442508182506_2847780191092550684_nI was supposed to do a live lit reading today but I’ve been not feeling well on and off for the past two weeks (going to ORDCamp, while great, might have sapped my health progress.) So now I’m sitting here, watching Faith No More videos and regrouping for the next couple of weeks, and wanted to share what I am thinking of and working on and such.

First of all, this month has felt like a damn year. I can’t remember the last time a month has dragged this long. Maybe it’s due to all of the celebrity death news. It feels like 2016 is halfway done.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting month for me, I taught my blogging for creative writers class at StoryStudio, which went well. It was an opportunity for me to refocus the class away from just tools and really focus on what kind of writing works best for blogging, especially creative non-fiction.

Last weekend I went to ORDCamp, and it was a blast. It was the first unconference I’ve been to since I organized TweetCamp with Maura Hernandez 10 million years ago (OK, it was like 2009) but I was reminded at how much I can push myself outside of my own learning comfort zone and expand my own thinking. There were so many great sessions and I met cool people doing things in fields that have never even been on my radar. I’ll be writing more about it later for TLF (or maybe here)

My band, Sole Heiress, put out a studio-recorded EP on Bandcamp that we’ve been sitting on for awhile. I’m especially excited by “Better Than Sometimes” because that song was a stretch for me. We’re still planning writing and recording for 2016, adulting has just got in the way for a it.

The Learned Fangirl is a month into our Seminar Series of longform essays and I am so thrilled with the diversity of voices we have curated here. Please check them out.

So that’s what’s been going on with me. Just reading it makes me tired.






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