What’s up with my Fall/Winter

As a summer enthusiast, I hate fall and winter, but at least I am keeping busy with different endeavors:

On October 19, I’ll be on a panel at the IL Library Association conference: Always Be Collaborating: Looking Beyond the Library Walls for Models of Civic Engagement. I’ll be talking about the “how to be a pop culture critic” workshops that I’ve been doing for The Learned Fangirl.

On November 16, I’ll be teaching an SEO workshop for Public Narrative, and on December 7, I’ll be teaching Analytics for Public Narrative.

This is in addition to some class appearances and custom trainings I’m doing, and of course my work at Cultural Pulse. Shoot me a line if you want me to do anything for your org, though please keep in mind that I’m phasing out of doing analytics trainings unless  you really think I’m the best person for the job. These days, I’m mostly doing media literacy workshops (like the ones I do for The Learned Fangirl) and blogging workshops. Thanks!



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