What I’m Up To In The Next Couple of Weeks


Trying to start the new year off with a bang to keep myself distracted from freaking out over the impending loss of health insurance and other pressing issues. I’ll be out and about, talking and hosting so please come check me out.

On Tuesday, January 24th I’ll be co-hosting a post-inauguration discussion and lecture event by Homeroom Chicago, called “School Night.” This latest theme is called “Self-Care as Warfare” and we’ll be talking with artists, professionals, and activists about de-escalation tactics, media literacy, and mental health issues, as well as suggest strategies for self-preservation during uncertain times. It’s free and at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 6 p.m.  [RSVP on Facebook]

On Tuesday February 7th, I’ll be reading at live lit series Tuesday Funk, along with Deborah Siegel, Leonard Zawadski, Jenn Sodini and Molly Dumbleton. I’ve been a bummer lately so I plan to read something fun. It’s at Hopleaf and it starts at 7:30 p.m. [RSVP on Facebook]

Then the very next day. Wednesday February 8th, I’ll be a guest on variety talk show The Geek Show, which focuses on fandom and nerdy stuff, so of course I’ll chat about The Learned Fangirl. That’s at Stage773Stage773 starting at 8 p.m. I’ll add the FB RSVP later.

That’s more than enough facetime for introverted me but its also getting me started on the right foot since I really wanted to spend this year writing and performing more, including music, so… keep your fingers crossed.



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