Let’s Tech Around!

I’m introducing a new blog project with Raizel Liebler, Tech Around and Find Out. Think of it as the evolution of The Learned Fangirl, the Raichu to TLF’s Pikachu. Tech Around is focused on technology’s past and its future. Here’s more about it:

The Tech Around project is intended to tell the stories that demonstrate the social and cultural history of technology, both in the present and in the past, through a different lens. Through this project we aim to document and share the otherwise unknown and forgotten stories of tech and online cultural history, focusing on diverse subcultures and communities, and documenting the shifting sands of tech, where what is common knowledge and in common use can change seemingly overnight. 

Think of Tech Around as a source of essay-style slow takes about tech and online culture from a critical information studies / political economy perspective.

tech around and find out

I’m super excited for this project and I hope you’ll join us!


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