Get into the groove

I fell out of a writing groove after only doing analytics focused work for several years. It was harder for me to get started and to keep going. I don’t think social media helped either. Back in the days of my old blog, Enjoy and Exciting, I would blog everyday, and that was in addition to whatever freelance writing I was doing. Now it seems like my attention is too fragmented for me to write longer than blog post length. Lately I’ve been in a groove, however, and it’s been great. What helps is turning off connections to Facebook and Twitter. (I actually set up my computer to shut off Twitter and FB, I can only access them through my phone and iPad while working) I also have moments of flow, usually early in the morning and in the evening after 5:30, where I am my most creative, so I try to get comfortable schedule writing around those times. And by “get comfortable” in this weather, I mean setting the thermostat for 72 degrees because I only seem to write well when I am warm. True story.


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